Friday, August 19, 2011

Climate Change Crisis, our future, and the presidential race coming up


While the GOP presidential hopefuls fall all over themselves avoiding the Climate Change Crisis as they propel their way to the presidency, scientist and activist are willing to go out of the comfort zones to stop a major fossil fuel project: Keystone Pipeline - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Climate Scientist Sees No Choice but to Risk Arrest at Keystone XL Protests | SolveClimate News Jason Box, known for his study of glaciers, says oil sands mining is a moral issue that he feels compelled to address. The two-week sit-in begins Saturday. “ (August 18, 2011) | SolveClimate News

This juxtapositioning of world views, this battle between two very different views of reality, of scientist vs. ideologues highlights the conundrum we are in. Do we hold to a world where corporations, who provide jobs and feed off the intellectual and physical infrastructures provided by the ‘big’ government they allege to hate, or to those who believe in a Climate Change Crisis that awaits us if we don’t change our ways?

This isn’t merely a question of values and faith. This conundrum is a slow-moving disaster that our species seems quite incapable of facing. It’s so easy to take an issue clouded with science, intentional misinformation, and a lack of complete knowledge about our climate system and turn it into a raging battle about values.

But the Climate Change Crisis is not about values. No one in their right mind would say that they don’t care if humanity perishes on a planet that is doomed to warm up. This crisis would not be a crisis if everyone took a cold hard look at the facts, the accumulated evidence, and the horrendous potential for a runaway warming of our planet. We are, for all the attributes that make us human, avoiding the clear and present danger of Climate Change—and it may spell our doom.

The problem is that the majority of folks on this planet won’t look at the Climate Change Crisis full in the face. An unprejudiced look at the case for Climate Change would, I maintain, reveal the need for everyone’s attention to this planetary show-stopper. Put away your prejudices, your beliefs, and your anger at other ideologies, and take a ninth-grade science look at the Climate Change situation and then judge.

But because of the rage going on amongst ourselves, most won’t even clear their minds for one moment to see what is before them.

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