Monday, August 22, 2011

Canada’s oil sands project, arrests in Washington, DC, and Rochester, NY


It is getting harder and harder to focus on Climate Change amongst all the other travails affecting everyone. The debt-crisis solutions loom, which many fear will be worse that the debts crisis itself. And, the ubiquitous wars and trying to make ends meet working all those jobs. But there are still other things going on that merit your attention. Our generation has a responsibility to address Climate Change, as the decisions we make now will affect all generations hereafter. Here’s what coming down the tubes for Rochester, even if we do address Climate Change because of what we haven’t done before “Likely Changes.” You don’t want to even think about what lies ahead for your children if we now don’t do something about Climate Change.

As you know, Bill McKibben one of the activists helping to focus President Obama’s attention on Climate Change with a two-week demonstration in Washington on the Canadian oil sands project (check Tar Sands Action) is going to be speaking at Greentopia on Sunday, September 18th via Skype in High Falls, in downtown Rochester, NY. Get the news on what’s going on in Washington, DC:

  • Environmentalists put Obama to test on climate over pipeline plan “WASHINGTON — Ranchers from Nebraska, people in car caravans from California and hundreds of others plan to hold daily sit-ins at the White House starting Saturday, protesting against a planned pipeline that would greatly expand the flow of oil from the black sands of western Canada. Two weeks of protests will raise the question of what the United States should do about climate change, putting the topic back into the spotlight. They'll pressure President Barack Obama, who must decide whether the pipeline is in the national interest and whether it will be built.” (August 19, 2011) McClatchy
  • Arrests continue at White House oil pipeline protest U.S. Park Police arrested another 45 environmentalists near the White House Sunday, the second day of a two-week demonstration urging President Obama to block a proposed pipeline that would greatly expand imports from Canada’s oil sands projects. Police say 110 people over two days have been peacefully arrested after engaging in civil disobedience in front of the fence north of the White House. (August 21, 2011)
  • Protest Makes Canada-To-U.S. Pipeline Project Newest Front in Climate Clash “In the year since a cap-and-trade climate bill failed on Capitol Hill, a funny thing happened -- gradually but unmistakably -- to the U.S.-Canada pipeline project known as Keystone XL: It became the global warming fight's new guise.” (August 19, 2011) The New York Times

In a time when our president is dragging his feet on Climate Change and only one of the GOP presidential candidates believes in science (Huntsman Slams GOP Presidential Field - Politics - The Atlantic Wire) we need Climate Change champions to help the rest of us focus on what is important: “Yale Environment 360: Extreme Weather Disasters Take Record Toll in U.S. in 2011

So, our local media won’t connect Bill McKibben and the Canadian oil sands project and our region, but I will. And, I hope you will send this message throughout our region because just you knowing this information and doing something about it isn’t enough. Everyone has go get onboard with solving the Climate Change Crisis, or our future will be in jeopardy. Check these short videos by the experts on Climate Change: - To What Degree? - What Science Is Telling Us About Climate Change - How Do We Know?

Don’t get politicalsized, don’t get bored, and don’t get frustrated. There are things you can do. Granted, combating Climate Change may be more complicated that firing off a photo of a local flood (a new effort to get citizens to participate in our increasing dysfunctional media, I guess) to our local intrepid media, but it’s going to have more impact. Come to Greentopia and learn about Climate Change. Protest in Washington, DC by checking out Tar Sands Action; go to the City of Rochester Public Market this Saturday and check out the Moving Planet table; or attend one of the Moving Planet events in Rochester next month:

  • Here in Rochester, one Moving Planet effort is “No to Fracking, Yes to Renewables.” At Farmers’ Markets and Greentopia, info and materials will be provided to enable folks to submit comments to the DEC on the SGEIS. Same goes for postcards to our state legislators, in favor of curbing carbon emissions and investing in renewable energy. THEN, on Monday, 9/26, those items will be walked/marched/biked… delivered to the respective DEC and legislators offices. Details: Please check the bottom part of the page for ways you can get involved! If interested, you can contact the organizer via the website, or simply respond to me:
  • Important event for understanding Climate Change in our area, part of Moving Planet | A day to move beyond fossil fuels. Bike to Schul | Moving Planet "Members of Temple Sinai in Rochester will be biking (walking or at the very least carpooling) to Temple on Sat. Sept. 24th and Sun. Sept. 25 to show our support of Moving Planet and to demand action on Climate Change. (We will also be celebrating our new bike rack courtesy of the Confirmation class of 2011.) All are welcome to join us. Pictures will be taken during morning and afternoon Sunday school sessions. We call on other synagogues and faith organizations to join in. The time is now to get moving toward a cleaner, greener, more sustainable future. "

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