Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bad responses to Climate Change


In this age where more evidence accrues that Climate Change is happening and far more quickly than predicted and more people steadfastly insist that Climate Change isn’t even occurring, we ought to be happy that those who do ‘get it’ on Climate Change are going to do something about it at all.

The problem is that there are many bad ways to respond to the global catastrophe called Climate Change. One of the bad responses is the inclination of those who always respond to imminent danger by holing up somewhere with guns and ammunition ready to open fire on trespassers. Besides the paranoid idiocy of this response, it’s a bad response because Climate Change is a world-wide phenomenon that needs the participation of all—and there are no safe havens. There are going to be fresh water shortages and other natural resources in scant supply and the best response is to anticipate these conditions and work out ways to adapt as a community.

Another response that spells disaster is the loss of ice in the Arctic could increase drilling for oil and oil trafficking through pristine waters. Scientists Predict End of Arctic Sea Ice by 2060, after Possible Brief Expansion | SolveClimate News Check out this crazy scenario where water routes never before possible because of ice cover might now be the new stomping grounds for the very industry responsible for the ice melt.

Arctic Warming Unlocking A Fabled Waterway : NPR “The Arctic may be the world's next geopolitical battleground. Temperatures there are rising faster than anywhere else in the world, and the melting ice will have profound consequences for the roof of the world, opening strategic waterways to shipping, reducing the ice cap on Greenland, and spurring a rush to claim rights to the wealth of natural resources that lie beneath. NPR examines what's at stake, who stands to win and lose, and how this could alter the global dynamic.”

But perhaps the most pernicious reaction to the Climate Change Crisis is to deny, despite the overwhelming evidence that it is occurring at all. Note the new Republican presidential hopeful doesn’t even believe in the Climate Change Crisis: Rick Perry: Climate Change Is A Hoax Drummed Up By Scientists Looking To Make Money | TPMDC. And for that matter the entire stable of GOP candidates aren’t very interested in environmental issues at all: E.P.A Draws Harsh Words From Most G.O.P. Candidates -

What is to become of us if we place a president in office who believes in protection corporations before our environment and doesn’t even believe in the Climate Change Crisis. Let’s say we get away with that. Let’s say we retreat into environmental isolationism, rattle our military might, and stick to our guns that Climate Change is nothing but a hoax to get money for the money-grubbing scientists. How would that work in the real world? Here in the US, the major Climate Change causing country in the world, not only refuses to do anything about the problems they are largely responsible for, they challenge anyone to confront them. What will Europe and the other nations around the world who are moving full tilt towards solutions to Climate Change think of this country of ours? American exceptionalism will look like at threat to their existence.

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