Saturday, August 13, 2011

The August 11th GOP debate over Climate Change


According to GOP Debate Watch | Obama for America | 2012 the Climate Change crisis did not come up for debate at the GOP debate last Thursday. Sure, the above site is partisan and I’ll admit I didn’t listen to the debates, but none of the coverage that I listened to mentioned anything thing about Climate Change begin discussed at last Thursday’s GOP presidential debate. If you did listen to the debate and you did hear a question and an answer from any of the candidates on Climate Change, please contact me and I’ll take note.

I believe we can take it for fact that the GOP debate did not even mention Climate Change last Thursday and unless someone sucker punches one of the candidates during the insular coverage on the potential nominees for the highest office, Climate Change won’t come up as an issue at all. It will be avoided like the plague. The GOP is disinclined to even speak about Climate Change (How Republicans Learned To Reject Climate Change : NPR ) as it’s not one of their strong points. And, I’m not getting political here, as Obama didn’t dare mention Climate Change in his last State of the Union Address last January.

No one in either of the two major parties wants to discuss their position on the Climate Change crisis and the media, slavish to corporate interests, are not inclined to press the issue.

Politics has become a way of deluding ourselves that we can trump reality by how we frame reality. This certainly works when we decide who runs for president of the US and what gets covered. In other words, if the parties don’t discuss Climate Change and the media don’t ask candidates how they intend to solve the most important crisis of this century, it doesn’t get discussed. And, the public doesn’t think about it as an issue—a positive delusional feedback loop.

This would all very interesting if politics could trump reality. But it cannot. The planet’s atmosphere is warming up and it is rapidly causing changes to our economics, our public health, and just about anything you can think of. You really should read the US’s own report on Climate Change: Global Climate Change Impacts in the US (2009). This report came from our own government, not a suspicious left-wing group. This report isn’t something to be buried during the next presidential debates; it should be front and center.

Every candidate, Republican or Democrat, should be grilled by the media on how they have and will address the Climate Change crisis. It’s not a special interest item as the president of the United States and every public office in the United States is going to have to deal with their community’s response to Climate Change—whether they like it or not.

We look around and people are not talking about Climate Change. They talk about jobs, the budget debacle, the Tea party, the blue Dogs, and everything under the sun except an entire planet warming up that cannot be avoided.

How can we possibly, at long last, be having debates about who is going to be president without even mentioning the most important issue facing humanity? Mentioning the obvious that most corporations which fund the media and the major political parties who rely on the production, distribution, and continued use of fossil fuels is so accepted (just the way the press didn’t question the candidates about their personal lives back in the day) that we don’t even question it.

Well, there you are: We’re going to cook.

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