Monday, August 15, 2011

Are we getting the real dope on nuclear power?

Check out this discussion about how the press might be framing the news on the nuclear industry.  As if nuclear power were not dangerous itself, it doesn’t need to be more dangerous by spinning the news on what is actually happening.  Nuclear energy, indeed a ridiculous way to heat water, needs to be fully understood by the public so they can determine how safe and efficient it is. 
The kind of danger that a nuclear power plant gone bad is an entirely different kind of danger posed by other energy sources—no matter how many times folks say it will curb Climate Change.  Read this conversation about what we have learned about coverage about the Fukushima nuclear accident:
Karl Grossman & Steve Wing on Fukushima “This week on CounterSpin: Japan's Foreign Minister has told officials to stop claiming Japanese food is safe. This after beef contaminated by radiation from Fukushima’s No. 1 nuclear power plant was sold and consumed around the country. Meanwhile a devastating report from Associated Press reveals that a system to forecast radiation threats did function but was ignored by top officials who didn’t understand its significance. One result: the Karino Elementary School, which the system predicted would be directly in the plume coming from Fukushima’s nuclear plant, was not evacuated, but instead used as temporary shelter for people fleeing their homes.” (8/12/2011) CounterSpin

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