Thursday, July 07, 2011

The dismal state of renewable energy in NYS.


Wind Power, renewable power, in the news in our region get little play in mainstream media nowadays.  Because of innumerable distractions, wind power, that renewable power source that could help mitigate Climate Change in our region, gets almost no attention in local mainstream media.  Hydrofracting, which at the end of the day still means more greenhouse gases burned and spewed into the air, gets most of the headlines.  

Folks aren’t paying attention to how Climate Change is happening in our region and what it will mean for future generations so mostly the ‘evils’ of wind power hit the news, when they appear at all. 

How to frack safely dominates the news, when no one mentions that a major thrust towards wind power could alleviate all the problems with drilling for natural gas—we could just drop it altogether.   But there’s too much money to be spent on drilling and burning fossil fuels and the media refuses to connect the dots between how we use energy and Climate Change, so like a bunch of boiling frogs we ignore the real problem and go on heating ourselves and everything else up. 

For a source of articles on wind in our area, at least this news service is keeping an archive.  Maybe, when we do start paying attention to renewable energy in our region, we’ll have a record of where our attention was on this issue. Northern New York Wind Power -from the Watertown Daily Times

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