Friday, July 08, 2011

Climate Change will change our Rochester, NY’s public health:


One of the most dramatic effects of Climate Change will be the increase in high ozone days, which Monroe County has already been sited: “Monroe County gets an “F” for high ozone days in this report: Monroe: State of the Air 2011 - American Lung Association

Not only will the young and old and those with compromised health have problems with ozone pollution, but healthy athletes who exercise hard outside will be in danger.  There’s not toughing out something the burns the inside of your lungs when you exercise harder. 

Find out about why you should pay attention to Climate Change in our area (which will have many “Likely Changes”) and how it will affect our Environmental Health

Report: Climate Change Could Worsen Ozone Pollution, Threatening Our Health and Economy | Union of Concerned Scientists Report demonstrates how climate change could increase "bad" ozone, threatening health and economy | Ozone pollution is bad for your health. Millions of Americans suffer from the harmful effects of ground-level ozone pollution—be they children too sick to go to school, high school football players not allowed to practice outdoors in the summer, 65-year-olds with lung disease unable to take a walk in the park, or farmers at risk when they harvest their fields. Ground-level ozone pollution exacerbates lung diseases such as asthma and can cause breathing difficulties even in healthy individuals  (July 7, 2011) UCS: Independent Science, Practical Solutions | Union of Concerned Scientists

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