Wednesday, July 20, 2011

As if Climate Change won’t wreak enough havoc on the Great Lakes, Asian Carp compounds all the problems


Climate Change has and is going to profoundly affect our Great Lakes, in whose ecology Rochester, NY resides. Everything will be affected: plants, wildlife, fish, invasive species, water levels, storm intensity--you name it. Read this one study just to get a flavor of what’s been happening and what’s coming.

Great Lakes National Parks in Peril The Threats of Climate Disruption At stake are the resources and values that make our national parks the special places that Americans love. Principal Authors Stephen Saunders Dan Findlay Tom Easley The Rocky Mountain Climate Organization Contributing Author Theo Spencer Natural Resources Defense Council July 2011

So, take Climate Change disruptions and the Asian Carp and we’ve got some major issues to attend to. Check out this comprehensive series in the Detroit Free Press to get your head around the Asian Carp issues in the Great Lakes.

The truth about Asian carp | Detroit Free Press | "About the series Free Press reporter Tina Lam and photographer Brian Kaufman spent months reporting this project, including traveling through seven states on a 2,600-mile journey to get a closer look at the impact of Asian carp. They interviewed more than 90 scientists, environmentalists, anglers, wildlife officials, commercial fishermen, boaters, fish farmers, processors and barge operators. " Detroit Free Press | Detroit news, sports, community, entertainment, and classifieds. Serving Detroit, Michigan |

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