Tuesday, July 12, 2011

As bicycles as transportation increases in Rochester, NY accelerated Climate Change could go down


There are bicycle enthusiasts who crave for a bicycle infrastructure in our region so they can bike more. We are hearing about developments in that area:

“The city wants to make it easier for people like Lyons to hop on a bike rather than in a car. It has begun implementing its Bicycle Master Plan, as much a mindset as it is a blueprint for creating a bicycle-friendly community. This year several City of Rochester streets will be stripped and signed to designate bike lanes. Also, the use of the cycling road sharing symbol, sharrow, will begin to appear.” (June 23, 2011) Riding into the future: Bicycle master plans encourage two-wheeled travel around Rochester | Democrat and Chronicle

But monies being devoted to bicycles as transportation are not only happening in Rochester, federal dollars are turning up for projects around the country.

Nancy Folbre: The Bicycle Dividend - NYTimes.com More Americans are biking or walking to work these days, in part because public-sector investment is improving the infrastructure they need to get there safely. Further public investments in bike paths and bike lanes are likely to offer a big social payoff. Federal spending on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure has more than doubled since 2006 but amounted to less than $4 a person in 2010. (July 4, 2011)  The New York Times - Breaking News, World News & Multimedia

All this makes sense because increasing bicycle use is cheaper than many of the other transportation alternatives in any one community. And, though played down by many bicycle enthusiasts, a vast increase in bicycle usage can also profoundly affect the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions. In many articles this aspect of the increase in bicycles as transportation is mentioned and some it is not.

As using bicycles to complete a communities Climate Change action plan is going to be commonplace, we hope to see this connection between bicycle use and Climate Change being used more often by the media. As bicycles as transportation increases in Rochester, NY accelerated Climate Change could go down if the media began connecting the dots between the two.

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