Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Weather and Climate Change, time to connect the dots

There is no way we should be watching a weather program that doesn’t include Climate Change.  Meteorologists tended not to equate extreme weather events with Climate Change back in the day and still a sizeable number of meteorologists don’t believe Climate Change is happening.  Read Hot Air : CJR “Why don’t TV weathermen believe in climate change?” Columbia Journalism Review  This is occurring despite  overwhelming evidence that extreme weather events and Climate Change are connected:   

Storm Warnings: Extreme Weather Is a Product of Climate Change: Scientific American "More violent and frequent storms, once merely a prediction of climate models, are now a matter of observation. Part 1 of a three-part series | In North Dakota the waters kept rising. Swollen by more than a month of record rains in Saskatchewan, the Souris River topped its all time record high, set back in 1881. The floodwaters poured into Minot, North Dakota's fourth-largest city, and spread across thousands of acres of farms and forests. More than 12,000 people were forced to evacuate. Many lost their homes to the floodwaters. Yet the disaster unfolding in North Dakota might be bringing even bigger headlines if such extreme events hadn't suddenly seemed more common. In this year alone massive blizzards have struck the U.S. Northeast, tornadoes have ripped through the nation, mighty rivers like the Mississippi and Missouri have flowed over their banks, and floodwaters have covered huge swaths of Australia as well as displaced more than five million people in China and devastated Colombia. And this year's natural disasters follow on the heels of a staggering litany of extreme weather in 2010, from record floods in Nashville, Tenn., and Pakistan, to Russia's crippling heat wave. (June 28, 2011) Science News, Articles and Information | Scientific American

Sitting in front of your favorite weather person who is actively denying the most important issue of this century and not connecting the dots is not simply a lifestyle decision.  It’s blinding yourself to the day-to-day evidence that the predictions of Climate Change are occurring.  There is no doubt, Climate Change is warming our planet and it is human caused. 

Global Warming Continues as Greenhouse Gas Grows - ABC News The world's climate is not only continuing to warm, it's adding heat-trapping greenhouse gases even faster than in the past, researchers said Tuesday. Indeed, the global temperature has been warmer than the 20th century average every month for more than 25 years, they said at a teleconference.  (June 28, 2011) Breaking News, Politics, World News, Good Morning America, Exclusive Interviews - ABC News [more on Climate Change in our area]
We cannot go on with a large percent of our population blissfully ignoring Climate Change by only watching weather reports that does not include Climate Change.  

The public needs accurate information on our environment, not ideology shaped as science.  Sure, it’s going to be difficult to connect specific extreme weather events with Climate Change, but meteorologists need to include Climate Change predictions in their reports.  

This is critical because what’s happening is that the public occasionally reads an article that says the recent extreme events are caused by Climate Change, but every day they watch weather reports that ignore the relationship altogether.  The public becomes confuse and don’t act in their own best interest when they vote, when they buy goods, or when they heat their house.  There is one way to solve that; switch channels.   

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