Monday, June 20, 2011

We keep digging deeper in the hole called Climate Change.


They say ‘stop digging’ when you’re in a hole and trying to get out. But given the human capacity for tenacity, not digging ourselves in deeper is not so easy to do. Here in the Rochester, NY region if you look (and yeah, you have to look because mainstream media isn’t going to lay it out for you) you can see a how the great big carbon/Climate Change hole we’re in is just going to get deeper.

The more we learn that Climate Change is happening and getting costly Counting the Cost, the more we ignore the dangers of existing energy sources (Federal nuclear regulators repeatedly weaken or fail to enforce safety standards - The Washington Post, Ohio taking in flood of Pennsylvania brine for disposal | The Columbus Dispatch) and the more we avoid changing to energy sources that don’t endanger our lives and heat the planet: Wind power faces multiple hurdles | Democrat and Chronicle.

You can say it is just human nature to want better yourself by whatever means, like the coal mine owners vs. the coal mine workers in the film “Harlan County, USA” but the capacity to avoid something so large and unyielding as Climate Change has to be on another level of stubbornness for our species. This is given the incredible capacity to keep our present vehicular traffic no matter how many deaths per day it causes. (Have you ever checked the local news and not seen a car, truck, or motorcycle accident?)

So, despite the unavoidable consequences of drilling for oil, mining for coal, and the fallout from nuclear power plants, we still fight tooth and nail to keep the businesses in power that put us in jeopardy and avoid making the changes to avoid a warming planet. The question we must ask ourselves is this: How long will be go before we switch direction and live sustainably?

Will it be after we have exhausted all other options?

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