Friday, June 10, 2011

Voting is one of your strongest tools for helping environment:


Now that we know Climate Change is coming to the Rochester, NY region, where the ‘Likely Changes’ are going to be awesome, it would be good to know how our local lawmakers are doing on that. 

You may have your pet issue that you want your lawmakers to vote on and you favorite political party who thinks like you do, but your lawmakers are going to have to protect you from Climate Change whether you believe in the most important issue of our century or not.  They will be accountable for protecting you.  This isn’t just environmental rhetoric; check out the plans ahead for dealing with Climate Change in the Northeast and the US: Regional Climate Impacts: Northeast "Since 1970, the annual average temperature in the Northeast has increased by 2°F, with winter temperatures rising twice this much.150 Warming has resulted in many other climate-related changes, including: "--from Global Climate Change Impacts in the US (2009)

Too often folks believe that they cannot do much in their lives to address something so overwhelming as Climate Change.  It is daunting because we need our planet’s atmosphere to move from its present 390 part per million molecules of carbon dioxide (the main greenhouse gas that warms our planet (though there are others)) to a manageable 350 ppm.  But you can. 

Voting for representatives who have a strong record on environmental issues and don’t hesitate to claim they intend on solving Climate Change must be top on your to-do list.  Even though politics has almost become dysfunctional, and political talk by the pundits completely insane (just what are those Sunday morning TV news shows talking about?) politicians are the main key to solving Climate Change. 

Our representatives control the purse strings, they make the laws, and they hold our officials to the fire.  They represent our collected thoughts on the state of our environment.  Voting against Climate Change by voting for candidates who work against work on solving Climate Change is incredibly shortsighted.  Time is running out.  Just check another story today about how Climate Change is changing our environment: Thinning Snows In Rockies Tied To Global Warming : NPR 

This fall there will be more elections and who you vote for is going to matter. While not specific recommendations on Climate Change related legislation in our area, these reports are indicative of the kind of measurements we are going to need on the voting records of our lawmakers in the future:

About EPL  Voters NEW YORK STATE'S ONLY ENVIRONMENTAL REPORT CARD You didn't vote to pollute New York State. Did your legislators? Voters Guide 2011 - The guide to the environmental records of New York Lawmakers.  and check here for the records of Rochester area lawmakers Rochester

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