Thursday, June 16, 2011

Take Action: Complete Streets are green streets


Walking and bicycling are active transportation options that are now legally available to all, but there’s a problem.  Most of our urban streets aren’t very friendly to pedestrians and bicyclists because they were built with mostly vehicles in mind.  That’s a problem for the safety of active transportation and it means that less folks will use active transportation to get to their jobs, to shop, or just to move about their community.  

A bill for Complete Streets will change that” “States, cities and towns are asking their planners and engineers to build road networks that are safer, more livable, and welcoming to everyone.”

Given that most transportation is for distances less than 6.5 miles from one’s home, that’s too bad.  It’s too bad because 27% of our greenhouse gas (ghg) emissions (according to the Environmental Protection Agency) come from transportation and so if more and more folks are engaged in active transportation we would put less ghg into our atmosphere and the consequences for Climate Change would be less severe. 

So, you can affect that by making sure our streets are inviting to all by making a few calls: From the Rochester Cycling Alliance:

"Take Action – Complete Streets NYS, Call your state representative today! on June 15th, 2011 Great News, Assembly bill A.8366 (Complete Streets) was introduced yesterday. However, we only have a couple of days left to get the Assembly to pass it.

Please call Assemblyman Gantt and ask him to move this legislation through the Transportation Committee and help bring it to the Assembly floor for a vote. His local district office number is 454-3670.

Also call the other members of the Assembly in the area and let them know that A.8366 has been introduced and we would like it brought to the assembly floor for a vote before session ends.

Dan Burling – 585-786-0180 Sean Hanna – 585-334-5210 Steve Hawley – 585-589-5780 Mark Johns – 585-223-9130 Brian Kolb – 315-781-2030 Joe Morelle – 585-467-0410 Robert Oaks – 315-946-5166 Phil Palmesano – 607-776-9691 Bill Reilich – 585-225-4190

This legislation is expected to pass the NYS Senate this week and the Governor has also introduced Complete Streets legislation " Take Action – Complete Streets NYS, Call your state representative today! | Rochester Cycling Alliance

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