Thursday, June 02, 2011

Mainstreaming Climate Change


This article (see below) by Newsweek is very strong statement about the reality of Climate Change and how we are not prepared for it.  No equivocation here about whether Climate Change is the realm of the loony’s or not. Climate Change is not only happening, we are not ready for it.

I suspect soon, sooner than they had even expected it, major news media will begin connecting the dots (showing how local events may be connected to world-wide Climate Change) on Climate Change as a matter of our daily news diet. 

With continual focus on local extreme weather events and comparing them with what is predicted for Climate Change, it is going to be very difficult for the public to deny the most important issue of this century.  It’s going to be hard for politicians and political parties to deny Climate Change because they are going to have to prove instead that they have a record on their efforts to help us prepare for Climate Change.  

And because mainstream media will demonstrate how pervasive and destructive putting all those greenhouse gas (GHG) has wreaked havoc with our environment, politicians are not going to be able to simply ‘greenwash’ their records.  

There will still be folks who say that each extreme event, more tornadoes (like the one that hit in Mass today Tornadoes Slam Massachusetts | NEWSRADIO 1180 WHAM), more floods, more droughts, warmer winters and hotter summers are not related to Climate Change.  But they will be alone in their views.  Too much evidence is accruing on the relationship between the manmade release of GHG and our whacky weather for anyone to deny it. 

It’s interesting too that this article talks about “catch up” meaning we’ll have to quickly work on doing what we didn’t do earlier to mitigate the effects of Climate Change.   That is true.  But ‘catch up’ may be the wrong phrase to use. 

There are already many changes that our going to occur in our region and all regions around the world due to Climate Change because of lag time.  We are going to pay dearly for not addressing Climate Change in the past and all we will be able to do is adapt to those changes. 

We won’t be able to reverse what’s coming down the pipe.  What we can and must do is dramatically stop and turn back our putting GHG into our atmosphere.  That will insure that things don’t get worse—and to be honest ‘worse’ doesn’t just cover it. 

If we get anywhere near Climate Change tipping points, there will be no ‘catching up’.  

So, when you read this article, remember who you are reading it from—it’s Newsweek, not my little blog. 

The Reality of Global Climate Change is Upon Us - Newsweek "Even those who deny the existence of global climate change are having trouble dismissing the evidence of the last year. In the U.S. alone, nearly 1,000 tornadoes have ripped across the heartland, killing more than 500 people and inflicting $9 billion in damage. The Midwest suffered the wettest April in 116 years, forcing the Mississippi to flood thousands of square miles, even as drought-plagued Texas suffered the driest month in a century. Worldwide, the litany of weather’s extremes has reached biblical proportions. The 2010 heat wave in Russia killed an estimated 15,000 people. Floods in Australia and Pakistan killed 2,000 and left large swaths of each country under water. A months-long drought in China has devastated millions of acres of farmland. And the temperature keeps rising: 2010 was the hottest year on earth since weather records began. " Newsweek - National News, World News, Business, Health, Technology, Entertainment, and more - Newsweek

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