Friday, June 24, 2011

International Climate Change deniers Amnesty Day (ICCdAD) – August 1st


Sometimes a community gets so sick of the amount of guns on the streets that they offer an amnesty period for illegal gun owners to give up their illegal guns—no questions asked. It’s probably not enforcement’s first choice as a tactic to reduce gun violence, but it might be a chance for both the community and illegal gun owners to cut their losses and get their community cleaned up.

In that way, ICCdAD will offer those who have been dragging down out our collective ability to solve the most important issue of our day, Climate Change, a reprieve. Why do we have to drag this on? All reports and studies that our government officials are using to plan for the future include plans on how to adapt to Climate Change. Our leaders are going to be held accountable for keeping our planet from boiling and that encompasses our water infrastructure, transportation, public health, energy, agriculture, and our ecosystems. They won’t be using the Climate Deniers Handbook to map out power shortages due to surges caused by more air conditioners being used.

Up until August 1st, the media, political pundits, bloggers, politicians, and those die-hard meteorologists can go on as they always have, denying what the rest of us know is more than just a reasonable assumption: our atmosphere is warming up.

After August 1st, those who previously have been in denial will just focus on helping the rest of us put our Climate back on track. We won’t get on their case for sticking to their beliefs long after reason should have kicked in.

Some benefits of an ICCdAD would include:

  • Freeing up our elections from those promoting irrational policies that are crippling our ability to solve this world-wide crisis.
  • Providing the business community a level playing field on being green—it would be science-based not ideology based.
  • Allowing our leaders to combat Climate Change instead of wrestling a stubborn zealotry-which wastes time, money, and puts more carbon dioxide into the pipeline.
  • Giving the media something useful to report, like connecting extreme weather events to Climate Change.

Good grief, we have to do something. Let there be a day of amnesty for those who continually undermine the public’s ability to adapt to and mitigate the consequences of Climate Change. It’s probably not the best tactic, but it could divert our energies from a certain showdown as the evidence piles on that physics, not ideology, runs our planet.

The great thing about ICCdAD is nobody has to do anything. There’s nothing to sign; no list to join, no money to pay; and no punishment. Climate Change deniers can just cut their losses, as any rational debater would, and go forward by helping the rest of us solve a world-wide crisis.

August 1st is a good date because it’s well before the US elections and just at the time mainstream media takes a holiday. Imagine, after August 1st reporters will ask candidates what their actions on solving Climate Change will be.

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