Thursday, June 09, 2011

How is that air quality outside of our Rochester, NY area’s schools?


Doesn’t look good. 

Using a school’s name and address, find the air quality outside a local school.  It looks like some of the nation’s worst are in our area: 

Schools that ranked worst “A USA TODAY analysis of EPA data indicated the air outside these schools had the highest levels of dangerous toxic chemicals, most of which have never been tested for their effects on children.” 

You can also type in “Monroe County” and “New York” and get a sense of the air quality of many of our county’s air quality.  Looks disturbing:

USA TODAY Special Report – The Smokestack Effect – Toxic Air and America’s Schools "USA Today used and EPA model to track the path of industrial pollution and mapped the locations of almost 128, 000 schools to determine the levels of toxic chemicals outside. The potential problems that emerged were widespread, insidious and largely unaddressed. " News, Travel, Weather, Entertainment, Sports, Technology, U.S. & World -

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