Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Don’t be a Climate Change bystander


Take a look under the hood of Climate Change in New York State from the perspective of those who must address it. 

Just telling folks that Climate Change is coming and they’d better adapt and stop it doesn’t seem to have much effect.  Maybe it’s too big an issue to get one’s head around.  Or, maybe most folks think Climate Change is out of their control, like that awful music some restaurants play while you’re paying good money to eat there. 

We become so used to a certain unpleasant din in the background of our lives that we just tune it out—like the constant drone from someone like me that you’d better pay attention to Climate Change. 

Well, you’d better pay attention to Climate Change. 

If you take just one document, say, “Responding to Climate Change in New York State” by Effective Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in New York State (2011) you’ll get a strong whiff of what coming for our area with Climate Change. 

This isn’t a report by your favorite blogger, or an environmental group.  This is a report by the state of New York who is charged with protecting you against potential dangers to you and your family and businesses. 

So, maybe you’re thinking that given that let them have at it.  Well, it’s not that easy.  Much of what the state needs to do to protect you from Climate Change in New York State requires that everyone understand Climate Change, what the prospects are, and that major changes in our collective behavior needs to happen. 

If you plan on staying around in our state for awhile (moving won’t do you much good as Climate Change is going to be happening everywhere on the planet) you should be aware of the myriad of changes coming to our state including, the possible loss of trout as game fish, a major upset in the skiing industry, which is the largest in the country, extreme changes in weather, changes in the crops that we can grow, changes in the diseases we will experience, and especially the changes in public health due to increase Ozone days that burn the membrane inside your lungs—a day just like today: Air quality alert issued for our region today | Democrat and Chronicle | 

Remember, this isn’t a report from a greenie organization trying to scare the bejesus out of you.  It’s your state government who has to get ready for the inevitable.  It is a detailed account of what is going to be done to adapt in New York State to Climate Change and it’s going to affect you. 

Don’t be a Climate Change bystander; this change in Climate is due to our behavior and we can change our behavior to prevent the scenario in this report from getting worse for the next generation.

Integrated Assessment for Effective Climate Change Adaptation Strategies in New York State (Project Update.pdf) This project addresses a key issue identified in the EMEP research plan. Prior to devoting limited research dollars to intensive studies, an integrated assessment of potential impacts and adaptation strategies will be useful in identifying impacts and needs specific to New York. Working interactively with stakeholders, the assessment will identify critical vulnerabilities, climate risks, and adaptation strategies specific to NYS, for a range of key sectors: agriculture, coastal zones, ecosystems, energy, infrastructure, public health, and water resources. For each sector, the economic costs and benefits of impacts and adaptation strategies also will be assessed. Responding to Climate Change in New York State [5.67MB .pdf] text only [263KB .pdf] Full Report Forthcoming" - from

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