Saturday, June 18, 2011

Climate Change and weather, we have to ask


Is this present extreme flooding (see below) in China due to Climate Change?  Of course, there’s not enough information, not enough studies, not enough of this or that, but every time some weather out of the ordinary occurs, we are going to think Climate Change.

It’s going to irritate and annoy a lot of folks, especially political parties that don’t believe in Climate Change.  But Climate Change, which is going to have to be addressed long before all the facts and studies are in, must be thought of as a reasonable assumption. 

Why not put the burden of proof on the deniers that this catastrophe in China is not due to Climate Change?  Why not, with something so profoundly altering as Climate Change, take the time pull out all the ideological plugs and find out if we are experiences these kinds of changes due to our putting greenhouse gases into the atmosphere? 

Like it or not, extreme weather event are constantly going to be questioned about their relationship to Climate Change and no amount of dismissing this relationship is going to end until it can be proven that it’s not.  There’s just too much evidence and science that our planet’s atmosphere is warming up and possibly causing these events:

China evacuates 500,000 as flooding breaks worst drought in 50 years | Environment | The Guardian Water levels on 40 rivers, including the Yangtze, above safety limits as authorities warn of dykes and dams under pressure The dramatic shift is in line with weather trends identified by the Beijing Climate Centre, which says rain is coming in shorter, fiercer bursts, interspersed by protracted periods of drought. (June 17, 20110  Latest news, comment and reviews from the Guardian |

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