Thursday, June 23, 2011

Changing politics to change Climate Change


One of the issues that should be top priority for the media as our country ramps up to the madness that is our political season is to separate the science of Climate Change with the political rhetoric of Climate Change denial. We have gone too far with the media nonsense about how extremists dismiss and avoid Climate Change—and not called them on it. The media should not be taking a back step to the critical importance of what we need to do to adapt and mitigate the effects of Climate Change—not pander to a party that has been trying to make Climate Change a non-issue. Check out this thoughtful essay:

Warm up to climate reality | The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment "The short-term Lowcountry warming of the past few sweltering days doesn't prove long-term global warming. But Republicans' rising rejection of the clear consensus on human-influenced climate change does prove that too many conservatives are ignoring scientific reality. " (June 23, 2011) The Post and Courier, Charleston SC - News, Sports, Entertainment

When you have nothing else to do with your life, take a while and read this very comprehensive, official, readable (lot of charts and graphs) report on how Climate Change is going to impact the US. Don’t just dismiss this as the ravings of a group you don’t like, take some time and read about the best assessment of what our government thinks are coming as a result of Climate Change. It’s not a polemic, it’s a plan.

Regional Climate Impacts: Northeast "Since 1970, the annual average temperature in the Northeast has increased by 2°F, with winter temperatures rising twice this much.150 Warming has resulted in many other climate-related changes, including: "--from Global Climate Change Impacts in the US (2009)

Then, ask yourself: How are we going to solve these issues if we put a climate change denier in office? Despite all the loony fanfare over our elections, politics is not a beauty contest. Those who we elect are going to have to address the very pressing issues related to manmade Climate Change whether they believe in the tooth fairy or not. They will be accountable for protect future generations from the physics of more greenhouse gases in our atmosphere than we can tolerate.

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