Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Recycling expansion:


Check out how your county recycling is going to expand as of June 1st. New Materials Accepted by the Monroe County Recycling Center Effective June 1, 2011 Lots of new stuff will be recycled that wasn’t before. 

Please consider compacting your recyclables now that you’re going to have more to recycle.   It wouldn’t do to have more junk flying around our neighborhoods just when we increased the amount of stuff we can recycle. 

And, if you need more recycling containers (blue bins) please contact your hauler.  If you are in the City of Rochester, that would be the City of Rochester.

Environmental Services | Monroe County, NY "Recycling Program to Expand June 1, 2011 For almost 20 years, Monroe County residents have enjoyed a progressive, convenient and continually expanding curbside recycling program. As is its charge from the county, Cascades Recovery, the Monroe County Recycling Center’s (MCRC) contract operator, examines the waste stream for sustainable recovery opportunities. In 2004, the Recycling Center began accepting all clean paper--allowing county residents to make a clear and affirmative impact on our local environment. Effective June 1st, the Recycling Center will accept plastic containers numbered one through seven for recovery. Additionally, aluminum foil, foilware and household metal pots and pans will be accepted for recycling. Customers of the MCRC may now rest assured that their yogurt cups and margarine tubs will stay in North America and be recycled into sustainable end-products. Full details of this expanded program are forthcoming, but this is clearly another positive step residents can take to not trash our future. Click here for a listing of new items accepted by the MCRC on 6/1/11--see below for the current recycling program. "

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