Friday, May 20, 2011

Perversely it’s Endangered Species Day!


Like celebrating our birthdays, where each of us notes that we are one day closer to death, Endangered Species Day by the US Fish and Wildlife Service celebrates their success trying to halt the horrific march of the loss of biodiversity.  [See the press release Fish and Wildlife Service Celebrates Endangered Species Day. ]

We are losing animal species at the rate consistent with the five other major extinction events in world history—except this mass extinction is caused by humans.  So, why are we celebrating? 

Sure, there are some successes, but what do the relatively small successes in the great movement towards species extinction mean?  I don’t mean to denigrate the US Fish and Wildlife Service’s efforts to save endangered species in any way, but last year was the International Year of Biodiversity and very little mention of that here in the US. 

Should the strategy of trying to get the public to face serious environmental problems, like the loss of biodiversity due to our way of life, be to celebrate them?  It’s perverse. 

We should be adult enough to be able to say to the public, ‘Look, we have a serious problem with many aspects of our environment and the loss of biodiversity of one of them.’  Please learn about this issue and Climate Change because we need to make massive changes to our way of life quickly. 

Yet, I suppose if our government takes this tact, reminding folks of their moral responsibility to make sure their government insures that we have a sustainable environment, the public will vote them out of office. 

How perverse is that?

Endangered Species Program | What We Do | Habitat Conservation Plans | Overview "Endangered Species Day – May 20, 2011 "On May 20, 2011 the Fish and Wildlife Service will observe Endangered Species Day in order to recognize the national conservation effort to protect our nation’s endangered species and their habitats."

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