Monday, May 16, 2011

Media coverage of our environment:


One of the areas in which the media falls down on covering on our media is the ad hoc way in which the media actually covers specific issues.  Some sources play down an environmental concern, some play up, and some avoid it altogether.  

Most media won’t go out looking for obvious environmental news, like how our area is going to fare with Climate Change, because it doesn’t fit in with their patron’s assumption that Climate Change isn’t happening.  But, it is. 

There are many ways that our present mainstream media fall down on reporting about our environment, which the public needs to know in order to make informed choices on our environment in all aspects of their lives, including how they vote, what they buy, what to and where to recycle and much more. 

For a continual updates on how the media is doing on our environment check out this section of

Environmental Health News: “, a foundation-funded journalism organization founded in 2002, is published daily. Our daily e-letter, Above The Fold, is available for free. The mission of Environmental Health News is to advance the public’s understanding of environmental health issues by publishing its own journalism and providing access to worldwide news about a variety of subjects related to the health of humans, wildlife and ecosystems.” 

Don’t just assume that your media is adequately covering our environment.  There is stuff that is being left out, some of it purposely, and some media just don’t understand our environment at all.  Check out this useful service:

Media Reviews — Environmental Health News "EHS scientists and fellows critique media coverage. "

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