Thursday, May 19, 2011

Is the Genesee River healthy?


Back in the 1990’s this story appeared about our Genesee River:

“Genesee River ranks "second among U.S. rivers that had cancer-causing chemicals dumped into them during a recent five-year period"--Rochester Digital Edition

What interesting is that in the subsequent years, no investigative reporting that I know of has done on an in-depth report on the health of the Genesee River?  Rarely is there even an article in any local news about the Genesee River. 

So, what does it mean that the Genesee River does not appear the ‘worst’ rivers list in American Rivers (  It does not mean that American Rivers or any other environmental group has come to the Genesee River and conducted a full environmental study. 

What it does mean that no one has conducted a thorough environmental study on the Genesee River and sent that in to American Rivers. 

My point: The Genesee River could be very polluted, maybe one of the most ‘toxic’ polluted rivers in the US.  Who, without doing a compressive study, would know?  The Genesee River was used as a chemical toilet for decades and few I suspect are drinking the water near our (the Rochester region) end of the river.  Without a full testing of all our rivers, we cannot possibly believe that the Genesee River does not belong on anyone’s worst or most polluted list. 

One New York river lands on American Rivers Most Endangered List | 520 - An Environmental Blog | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle The Genesee River is not on the American Rivers list of America’s Most Endangered Rivers list, which was released early this morning. But the river that tops the list, the Susquehanna River, stretches into New York. (May 17, 2011) 520 - An Environmental Blog | Rochester Democrat and Chronicle


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