Thursday, May 26, 2011

Great summer reading while you’re frying


Lots of folks compile a list around this time each year for their summer reading on the beach, or wherever.  You want read those books you’ve been hearing about and now you’ll have the time to read them.  I have a suggestion. 

This isn’t actually a book, it’s a free online report, but it’s very readable.  It’s only about a hundred pages, but it’s very compelling.  It may be one of the most important ‘books’ you’ll ever read, but you’ve heard that before.  This time, it’s true.  I’m suggesting “Climate Change 101: Understanding and Responding to Global Climate Change.”  

It may seem dry and unremarkable, but it isn’t.  Rather than one of those weepy novels, or self-help books that say you’re alright and it’s the rest of humanity that’s weird, this is a cold, hard, look at the state of our environment. 

It spells out the case for Climate Change in neat, unambiguous language and explains what’s coming down the pipe if we don’t begin addressing the most important issue of our day.  There’s no hype, no hysterical language, no wild assertions, no predictions not backed by serious research.  There’s no pandering to anyone or any corporation, no solicitations, no emotional outbursts, no saber rattling, just the facts—neatly given. 

This little book is just spells out what’s going on with Climate Change and what needs to be done to keep yourself comfortable for the next decade and your grandchildren from frying. 

In the Rochester, NY region, part of the Northeast portion of the states, we are already slated for a host of radical changes due to the lag in accumulating greenhouse gases.  So, we have to adapt.  You’ll need to know what the thinking is on that so you can shift about as more extreme weather comes upon us. 

And, if we don’t make an about-face on Climate Change, you’ll definitely want to know that because things will get very dicey if we continue as we are.  If you are running a business, you’re going to want to know what your out-of-the-ordinary expenses are going to be.  If you’re just an ordinary person like me, you’ll be fascinated by the by the extraordinary care that The Pew Center on Global Climate Change folks have taken to prepare a very readable and concise explanation of the most serious threat to our existence there is. 

This report is polished, pithy, and understandable to anyone over the age of ten.  No one who considers themselves well-read, educated, or worldly should avoid this report.  You cannot be on top of things, if you don’t know the absolute basics of Climate Change. 

This is just Climate Change 101, the fundamentals, the basic bottom line information you will need to know to be an informed citizen of the world.

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