Saturday, May 21, 2011

Climate Change will suffice, not rapture

Robert Frost thought the world would end (in his great poem) with “Fire and Ice.” But I think Climate Change will suffice.   
Humanity is up against a real and present danger with Climate Change and if our dependence on oil, our unstoppable drive towards development, our inability to curb our populations, and live sustainably were not enough to drive our species, and every other species, into oblivion, there’s the ‘rapture.’ Who knew? 
I came across this and was dumbfounded:
“A total of 41 percent of Americans think Jesus Christ is returning by 2050—that's 23 percent who say he is "definitely" on his way back and 18 percent that say he's "probably" coming soon.” (5/19/2011) Hurry Up And Wait for the Rapture | Mother Jones
Along with Climate Change deniers and those too busy to address the most critical issue of our generation, we have to deal with those who relinquish their responsibility to the next generation by believing in age-old nonsense. 
Though we are in in deep trouble from greenhouse gas warming our atmosphere and turning our oceans acidic because they have been absorbing too much of our carbon dioxide releases since the 2nd Industrial Revolution, our world is not coming to an end today. 
Trust me.  There’s going to be a tomorrow and there’s going to be human still polluting the planet well after 2050.  Things are just going to be hotter and more uncomfortable.
Without a wholesale change in human behavior, so we can reduce our greenhouse gases, the next generation and those beyond are definitely going to cook. 
This inclination to believe that the world is going to end at some near point is a mental quirk of our species that has endured for eons. If it’s not one prognostication of Armageddon, it’s another. 
We have to realize that it’s a major copout to believe in this abject nonsense and not deal with the real threats to our existence.
When those who believed that the world will end today, but does not, please start paying attention to climate scientists: - To What Degree? - What Science Is Telling Us About Climate Change - How Do We Know? 

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