Thursday, April 07, 2011

Rochester region Earth Day chat:


Along with Linda Isaacson Fedele, chairperson of the Rochester Regional Group of the Sierra Club, I will be a guest on the Bob Smith Show on 1370AM Connection for an hour-long discussion from noon to 1PM on April 22, 2011—Earth Day. 

Linda and I hope to highlight many of the environmental issues being acted upon by our fellow environmentalists and get your feedback.  The program, one of the best forums in this community to air thoughtful discourse on important subjects to the entire public, is a chance for those whose voices tend to get drowned out by what’s presently popular or powerful in a community and not heard so much. 

So, here on Earth Day in Rochester is a chance to view our environment from the perspective of those who focus on the big picture of environmental issues and advocate action towards a more sustainable way of life.  There’s a twenty-minute view call-in, be sure to make your concerns and views on our local environment heard.

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