Friday, April 29, 2011

Not just rural business are hobbled by slow Internet access:


The article below explains why those in rural regions who have difficulty getting on the broadband Internet are missing out on what little economic boon there is going on.  You need an Internet connection to be a part of this democracy. 

But another component of all this is that rural folks without a good broadband signal on the Internet are going to be limited on what news they can find out about our local environment and how they can take action.  This is a Democracy and Free press issue [find out how to learn more here: Free Press | Media reform through education, organizing and advocacy

Learn more about this issue and think “Do I know all I need to know to vote correctly on environmental matters in my community? 

Report: Slow Going Internet Access "Cripples" Rural Economies WATERTOWN, N.Y. - Without broadband Internet access, rural communities will be economically hobbled, warns a new report. However, portions of rural New York are making progress toward better high-speed access, with the help of federal stimulus money. The report by the Center for Rural Strategies, a rural media watchdog group, points out that the Internet is the new norm for communication, both in business and social life. Without fast connectivity, rural businesses are at a distinct disadvantage to their competitors (April 27, 2011)  Public News Service

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