Monday, April 04, 2011

New zoos:


This story about videoing eagles in-situ highlight a version of a new zoo concept that would be a better idea for our environment than existing zoos. If you maintain that we need zoos to educate the public on wildlife and the role they play in our environment, wouldn’t it make more sense to video creatures as they shape and are shaped by our environment—instead of putting them into cages so people could just stare at these homeless entities?

We could have educational outlets where the public came in and viewed wildlife on special cameras that were placed so as to watch wildlife doing what they do—maintain our environment.

Though each moment may not be as dramatic as the clip mentioned below, even a sleeping creature would afford the viewer to contemplate the role that these creatures play in our environment. Top predators like wolves and lions, ripping up and devouring prey, are not depicting human soap-opera-like behavior. They’re doing something else: controlling the lives of the plants and animals in their ecosphere and keeping populations down.

There would be so much more to learn from an unobtrusive zoo of cameras where humanity could watch their environment in action without tearing it up hoping to preserve it for another time.

WXXI: New reality show: Millions watch bald eagles nesting (2011-04-03) CHICAGO (Reuters) - A new reality show has gone viral on the Internet featuring a life and death struggle, a love story and a birds eye view of -- an eagle family. More than 11 million views from 130 countries have been recorded by a streaming video of a nesting bald eagle couple in Decorah, Iowa. The first egg was laid in February, the eggs were incubated for weeks and the eaglets finally emerged. (April 3, 2011) WXXI NewsRoom

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