Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hydrofracking, making our decisions


Saying that we need go after natural gas in New York State because there are jobs, because of national security, and because it will bring in a lot of money to the state is not the whole picture.  Instead of arguing all points and using whatever ‘facts’ come to light, we should also find a way to sift through the myriads of facts and figures to determine the best argument, the most important concerns, and the proper context hydrofracking should be placed into our energy needs. 

Talk about hydrofracking for natural gas should include Climate Change.  Because of the catastrophic change to our region that will come with Climate Change we should be focusing on that first, instead of the other issues that can be solved in other ways. 

For example, much of our energy needs can be gotten by renewable energy (wind and solar) that won’t contribute to greenhouse gases like digging for natural gas will. 

And now this study (below) questions whether digging for natural gas will release so much methane gas (far more potent than Carbon Dioxide) that it could be dirtier than using coal.     

Cornell Chronicle: Fracking's natural gas may be 'dirtier' than coal "Extracting natural gas from the Marcellus Shale could do more to aggravate global warming than mining coal, according to a Cornell study published in the May issue of Climatic Change Letters (105:5). While natural gas has been touted as a clean-burning fuel that produces less carbon dioxide than coal, ecologist Robert Howarth warns that we should be more concerned about methane leaking into the atmosphere during hydraulic fracturing. " (April 11, 2011)  Cornell Center for a Sustainable Future - News

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