Friday, April 22, 2011

Climate Change will affect us:


This article below highlights how Climate Change will most likely affect our human infrastructure because of more rainfall and more extreme weather events. 

Are we in Rochester, NY going to be ready for the changes?  What other events can we here in Rochester expect from Climate Change and what will we do to prepare?  These are the questions before us, not whether Climate Change is worth bothering with—as too many of those who will be affected by Climate Change doubt.  

Articles like the one below are not only of interest to those in Chicago.  Chicago is a city on the Great Lakes and so is Rochester, NY; if one city is anticipating Climate Change effects, one can only assume other cities are doing so also. 

The public needs to be continually reminded that those who represent them and are accountable to them must prepare for Climate Change. 

Climate change: More intense rains could swamp Chicago's aging sewers - In a city built on a swamp, where rainstorms already flood basements and force sewage into Lake Michigan and local streams, climate change could make Chicago's chronic water pollution woes even worse. Researchers hired by Mayor Richard Daley's office estimate that intense rainfall will happen more frequently in the not-so-distant future because of warming global temperatures, challenging the region's aging sewers and the troubled Deep Tunnel project more than ever. (April 21, 2011)  Chicago Tribune: Chicago news

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