Monday, April 25, 2011

Climate Change, planning for our future


While the media is heralding Climate Change deniers’ claims, or worse yet, ignoring Climate Change in the news altogether, those responsible for planning our future are on the job. The true test as to whether a hypothesis has moved from wild hunches to part of the game plan is whether it’s being factored into the future.

We already know many possible consequences of Climate Change will affect our local environment: Possible Rochester, NY region Climate Change scenarios.

Three long-range plans for our region on energy, solid waste, and transportation all have Climate Change as a critical component of their plans.

What is troubling though is that in these lean budgetary times, when governmental programs are being gutted without thought to our environment and those responsible for education our youth are being stripped of their jobs, these plans might merely be hollow promises. Please stay tuned to to make sure Climate Change remains a central aspect of all our long-term planning. Remember, there are no climate change deniers in the foxholes of government planning—yet. And please don’t put them there.

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