Thursday, April 14, 2011

Climate Change explained by the experts.


Too often Climate Change, the most important issue of this century, is explained by a media that doesn’t understand it. 

Listen and watch these climate experts explain through a series of short videos the answers to the questions most folks have about Climate Change.  What is it?  What effect will it have?  How do they know it’s happening? 

Rather than depending on your favorite pundit with his or her favorite agenda, let those who have been deeply involved with the research behind Climate Change explain this complex issue in a thoughtful and entertaining way.  These are very well-done videos, short and to the point, and readily understandable.  Check them out and then send them to your Climate Change denying friends: - To What Degree? - What Science Is Telling Us About Climate Change - How Do We Know?  "Leading climate change experts discuss one of the most complex puzzles ever to confront mankind." - National Science Foundation - US National Science Foundation (NSF)

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