Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Chernobyl and Nuclear cleanups, they’re not over until their over:


There are those who continue to regard the Chernobyl nuclear disaster as ‘over’ and not that a big deal, and it couldn’t happen here, and the entire misinformation thing that’s so popular in our country. 

But, when you try and get a picture of what did happen and what is continuing to happen, you get a different story.  [Check Chernobyl Legacy from Science News, Articles and Information | Scientific American]

When nuclear power goes wrong, as it probably will because we humans, even the best and brightest, make mistakes, it creates a problem altogether different from the problems with other energy options. 

Coal and oil and other fossil fuels like natural gas kill folks from air pollution and Climate Change, but nuclear power can force you out of your home, maybe your region, make your developing kids permanently sick, and do who knows what to our environment. 

And, when environmentalist say “who knows what” it triggers something in the deniers of nuclear problems, or Climate Change deniers for that sake, to say well they don’t have the proof. 

Of course, there are a lot of missing proofs about the environmental effects of oil spills, nuclear disasters, and more because we are disinclined to look for what should be obvious. 

The burden of proof is on the victims, who have little money, to prove in the courts that there is a causal relationship with this disaster and that environmental problem or cancer cluster. 

Our environment is very big and very complex, but it is also very delicate and easily affect by every little change.  Find out more about Chernobyl: 

Ukraine asks for more money for Chernobyl shelter<span style="display: none"> </span> | www.WHEC.com "Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovych is renewing calls for funding to build a new shelter around the Chernobyl nuclear reactor on the accident's 25th anniversary. Ukraine still needs to raise some $300 million for the project after an international donors conference held here earlier this month. " Rochester, NY News | www.WHEC.com

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