Saturday, March 05, 2011

What actions by Rochesterians will work for our environment:


Many ideas about curbing greenhouse gases in our region go unheeded.  Attempts to get folks to buy more energy efficient fuel vehicles are dismissed and the car companies say it’s too expensive.  Trying to get the public to bicycle or walk for those short distances from their home (6.5) that constitutes most of our travels just get ignored. 

Transportation, according to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), accounts for 27% of greenhouse gas emission, which is a major factor in human-cause Climate Change. 

So, you’d think folks would consider that when they climb in their car to go to the corner store.  But, they don’t.  Climate Change and the long-term affect of how it will affect our environment has no more affect on many people’s behavior that last year’s birds nest. 

But changing gas prices will.  After a certain point, $3.50 a gallon, $4.00 a gallon, or $5.00 a gallon people will think twice about using their car when they could use a bicycle or walk.  Or, if the gas prices get too dear, many will buy a house closer to their work. 

Or, maybe if things get really tight many will start voting for politicians who promise a strong public transportation system. 

It’s too bad we have to wait for oil prices to climb through the roof before folks start doing the sensible thing and move away from using fossil fuel.  Yet, in American the price of a thing seems to have far more effect than its reasonableness.

Prices at Rochester-area gas pumps skyrocket | Democrat and Chronicle | Less money in your pockets and fewer thoughtless trips around town. That's what a 16-cent rise in gasoline prices this week will mean for many people, as the average price of regular in the Rochester area hit $3.59 a gallon. "The general rule of thumb when it comes to rising gas prices is drivers start to change their behaviors once it hits around $3.50," said Shaun Seufert, a spokesman for the AAA of Western & Central New York, which monitors prices. At the $3.50 mark, consumers tend to consolidate trips, search out the best price and, if they have a choice of vehicles, rely on the one that uses less gas, he said.  (March 5, 2011)  Democrat and Chronicle | Rochester news, community, entertainment, yellow pages and classifieds. Serving Rochester, New York |

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