Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Tax Millionaires on Bikes.


One of the more cruel ideas coming out of today’s politics is this recent idea to force bicyclers to license their bikes and pay a yearly fee.  (See below)  Just like going after public union workers in Wisconsin, a segment of our political desperados are using the tactics of disaster capitalism to achieve their unsustainable world view.  

Political desperados take advantage of the economic turmoil they created.  The Great Recession was not caused by the unions but they are offered up to the altars of politician opportunism to pay with their livelihood because those who caused The Great Recession are insulated by wealth, power, and a great penchant for irrational cruelty. 

So, the cruel logic of these political desperados when state budgets tank is to go after your neighbors who have worked all their lives and their unions, which have radically changed your standard of living and gave the middle class a living wage.  

Unions, collective bargaining by workers, is the only barrier against those who would make children work, who would trash our environment if not forced by regulations not to, and who would put the god almighty dollar before all else.  Now, cruel politicians want to go after bicycles, which are for many the only viable transportation option in this region who cannot earn enough to ride the bus.

Owning a vehicle is out of the range of many who are desperate to work and survive in our area, and so they must depend on bicycles that have the same legal rights to be on our streets as cars. 

Many in this region are working hard to make bicycles a viable transportation option in our region by creating bicycle boulevards, bike lanes, and other measures to make our streets safer and environmentally friendly.   Bicycles do not emit greenhouse gases into our atmosphere and contribute to Climate Change—but vehicles do contribute 27% of those gases as stated by the Environmental Protection Agency. 

Already, in a depraved measure to give the rich several more years of a major tax break, the rich are insulated from the terror and turmoil most Americans are suffering in this Great Recession. 

Now, some politicians want to see just how far they can take their cruel advantage and political opportunities to whip up anger and hatred against those who did not cause the Great Recession.   They want to tax those whose only way to get around town is by bicycle. 

If only the millionaires rode their bicycles to work, this would be a great tax idea.  As it stands, requiring a license fee for bicycles owners is depraved indeed.   

License Plates...For Your Bike?? Two bills recently introduced in the state Assembly would require that all bikes in the state be registered each year and sport a license plate. AP) - It’s like your car’s license plate, but for your bike. Two bills recently introduced in the state Assembly would require that all bikes in the state be registered each year and sport a license plate. Assemblyman Michael DenDekker introduced the measures. (March 1, 2011) ROCHESTER'S NEWS LEADER NEWSRADIO 1180 WHAM

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