Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Pretty loony study:


When you think about this study, where American are asked if they think our lead environmental agency should address air quality and Climate Change, you have to wonder what else is being studied. 

How about: Take a poll to find out whether Americans believe in gravity; Take a poll to find out if Americans think that only the very rich should have a decent living and the rest not so much; or, Take a poll and ask Americans if they think our air will get clean and our climate will stabilize and everything we dump or have dumped into our waters will just go away? 

This study (see below) is loony because no one in their right mind would think that removing the regulatory body on our environment will result in corporations acting responsibly and our environment remaining healthy. 

This is a poll to see if those who only care about their ideology, which doesn’t include Climate Change and environmental problems, can get away with pulling out all the stop gates on anyone, any business, doing anything they want in a world that is in serious environmental trouble.   Check out this film, and forget about loony polls: Call of Life.    

Poll, commissioned by ALA, shows support for EPA FARMINGDALE - A recent poll of over 1,000 conservative, moderate, and liberal registered voters responded that they highly value air quality and support the EPA moving forward with air pollution standards as well as moving forward with regulating climate change causing emissions. The same poll showed that “reducing regulations on businesses” was less important than clean air and water. (March 2, 2011) New York State News on the Net!

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