Thursday, March 24, 2011

Our forests and Climate Change:


How will our region’s forest change because of Climate Change?  This principle, that Climate Change will change everything, must be kept in mind as we seek to preserve and protect our environment, including our forests.  While we are trying to keep our forests healthy, in the ways that we always have, we will also have to do so while Climate Change is occurring. 

Preserving species, halting invasive species, controlling forest fires, harvesting trees, and much more will have to be accomplished and goals adjusted because our forests will never be the same.  Regardless of what we do, our forests will be changing to adjust to Climate Change. 

If we began addressing Climate Change (change how we get energy and change to public transportation), we would have a much better chance of saving our forests. 

Expanding Forests in the Northern Latitudes "According to a recent United Nations report, forested areas in Europe, North America, the Caucasus, and Central Asia have grown steadily over the past two decades. While tropical areas have steadily lost their forests to excessive logging and increased agriculture, northern areas have seen increases caused by conservation efforts. However, the long-term health and stability of northern forest lands may be imperiled by the effects of climate change. " (March 23, 2011) Environmental News Network -- Know Your Environment

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