Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Are you informed about our environment?


To monitor and save our environment we need to save the news. It may seem like there is a lot of news out there on TV, radio, the Internet, blogs, and social media. But there isn’t.

There are a lot of words, but there isn’t much in the way of independent and investigative news that we need to assess our environment. We cannot possibly make informed choices on environmental issues, like whether we should scrap nuclear power and go another direction, until we know all the facts—not just a pundit’s view.

Consider the plight of today’s news and find out ways to change it so the majority of the public can make informed choices on our environment.

Save the News "Our vision is for every community to have access to in-depth investigative reporting, quality local news and critical watchdog journalism that empower citizens, hold our leaders accountable and represent the diversity of our nation. "

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