Tuesday, February 01, 2011

We’re ready


I’ve noticed some articles around the local online media this morning anticipating the snow storm coming tonight.  After a couple of debacles in this state about some communities and authorities being ‘unready’ for bid dumps of snow, there’s a deluged of articles about this snow storm and how the press has made it its business to obviously find out if our community leaders and authorities are ready this time. 

The public, regardless of budget and staffing cuts, expects and demands that their roads remain navigable even in the worst storm—because they expect that their public officials are looking ahead to their safety and best interests.  This is all to say that the same remains for Climate Change

There’s ample information that our way of life will change (not in a good way) because of Climate Change in our area, including more droughts, more severe heat waves, flooding, more West Nile Virus outbreaks, and lots more.  Check it out here:  Resources on how Climate Change will impact the Rochester, New York area 

The public is going to be even more upset at their public officials, no matter about the Great Recession, when our environment changes because of Climate Change and even our economy will be affected:

Economic Analyses | Climate Change - Climate Economics | U.S. EPA “EPA conducts climate economic analyses to estimate the economic and environmental effects of potential domestic climate change mitigation programs and strategies. Given the complexity of economic and environmental interactions underlying the climate change issue, no one model can address all of the questions surrounding a climate change economic analysis. To provide an accurate representation of potential climate change mitigation programs and strategies, EPA employs an array of modeling tools and data. For more information about the modeling tools used by EPA, please visit the Climate Economic Modeling page.”

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