Friday, February 25, 2011

Recycle paper now


This is the most urgent Monroe County recycling issue:  In a word: paper.  Too much of what is recyclable goes into our waste stream—about 30%.  The public needs to be educated on how important it is to recycle paper. 

I personally find it amazing that our local media has to be paid big bucks to put out this critical public information.  Our local media should be doing it often and at no cost to Monroe County because the media should provide some important information in the public interest—as they used to in the past. 

I believe that the media has an obligation to freely provide some information that directly affects the health and sustainability of our environment and public. 

I’d like to see all our media to place on their front pages, or in the first few minutes of their daily broadcasts, public announcements to highlight important news—instead of the sports and other stuff we don’t need to know. 

What if every media put out a reminder about the public’s responsibility to recycling, or about watching out of bicycles who have the right to use our publically paid streets for transportation, or the myriad of other environmental issues that if brought to the forefront of the public’s attention would make our way of life more sustainable? 

Imagine the difference in how the public behaved if the media behaved more responsibly.  Consumers would even shop better because the media they attend to would be continually reminding them that their environment must be considered as a critical issue, that their behavior affects our environment. 

At present, Monroe County may not be charging ahead as well as we would like on recycling plastics #3-7(even then, only 2% of our residual waste are these plastics).  But Monroe County does recycle paper.  Lots of paper:

“According to law, residents must also recycle newspapers, magazines and corrugated cardboard. However, additional paper materials may be recycled. The Monroe County Recycling Center is now accepting all clean paper from haulers for recycling.” Environmental Services | Monroe County, NY 

So there should be no excuse for a responsible citizen in this area to throw recyclable paper in the trash.  Take a moment to review this list of paper because this stuff goes in the recycling bin:  Paper Materials: The Paper Caper Expands.

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