Saturday, February 19, 2011

The power of pollution:


Those Brownfields that we’ve been dragging our feet on may just be taking care of themselves.   We tend to think that our environment is one big drain to which we can pour our industrial waste, but contamination in our air, water, and land has given that fantasy a reality check.   Our environment is incapable of breaking down toxic waste.

But despite the overwhelming proof that this pollution from industrial waste is poisoning our environment, we wait and wait and let that stuff sit in our environment doing its nasty businesses.  One of the things we may not have counted on is that through evolution some species can thrive in our toxic environment. 

Who knew, those Japanese weren’t kidding—Godzilla lives! 

Even if you adopt the depraved position that man is a part of Nature and so what he does in natural, then creating toxics rivers where new creatures evolve that thrive in our toxic environment, there’s a conundrum:  If you clean up these toxic sites, those animals and plants that evolved to live there will perish. 

What a strange world we are living in.  We let environmental degradation go on so long, that we create another horrific environment with new species that will be killed off when we get our act together and clean things up. 

There’s that saying: Wherever you go, there you are.  That’s where we are.  If we just forget about our environment and treat it like a great big garbage can, that’s the world we’ll be living in.  If we can…

Hudson River fish resists PCBs through gene variant | "WASHINGTON — Most people think of evolution occurring gradually over thousands of years, but apparently no one told the Atlantic tomcod. In just 50 years or so, the Hudson River fish has evolved to become resistant to toxic PCBs that polluted the river, researchers reported Thursday. Their secret is a gene variant. "

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