Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our environment under attack by the wrong response to the Great Recession


As usual the state attempts to solve the budgetary problems of the state caused by reckless trading who won’t be held accountable, but will fall on our environment.  Just like the cuts in personnel over at the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation recently, the New York State Integrated Pest Management Program is under attack.   THE NYS IPM PROGRAM MAY END ON MARCH 31, 2011. 

This is not good because if we check our body burden will probably find much of the pesticides that are used to control pests that ruin our food end up in our body. Pesticides are probably not good to digest as they only have one purpose: to kill. 

Integrated pest management allows farmers and individuals to control pest through environmentally friendly ways, rather than dumping manmade toxic chemicals on them.  To allow the program to go without state funding is a tragedy because is wrong-headed to compound the stress on our environment in times of economic stress. 

A good government would find ways to keep our environment safe and healthy even when the economy is bad.  Because unlike a bad economy, an environment gone bad may not be recoverable—and that will be a whole lot worse than The Great Recession

Go to this page and find out what you can do to help send a message to the state about integrated pest management programs. 

New York State Integrated Pest Management Program "Our Mission: The New York State Integrated Pest Management Program develops sustainable ways to manage pests and helps people to use methods that minimize environmental, health, and economic risks. "

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