Saturday, February 05, 2011

One of the reasons your environment is crashing—the The Great Recession:


There are many reasons why our environment is not doing well—overpopulation, development, Climate Change, you know.  But recently it is becoming obvious that the Great Recession is playing a role in reducing our environmental news coverage, environmental monitoring because environmental departments are losing important jobs.  

In other words, in many communities, state and federal government environmental agencies are treated as just another entity or just another issue that has to go under the budget gun.  This is despite that we need a healthy environment to survive.  So, why did the Great Recession occur? 

You’d think the public would want to know why our economy and our attention to critical environmental issues like Climate Change must take a back seat to the Great Recession.  Here’s an amusing and instructive video on how that happened.  The Cartoon Bears are Back Explaining the Bailouts#msg32780 

Think as you watch this video how those who caused this economic crisis will not be held accountable.  But you and your children will be held accountable because environmental issues were ditched during this period as there was no money to address the critical environmental issues facing us.  

It’s amazing that there is not great public outcry about how our lack of monetary resources means that our environment must plummet because of the shenanigans of the few.

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