Saturday, February 12, 2011

More Bicycles on our streets, more safety, less greenhouse gases:


I recently spoke at the Student Environmental Summit (Event) at Center for Student Innovation at Rochester Institute of Technology and talked about city of Rochester efforts on Bicycle Boulevards.  Here’s an example of Bicycle Boulevards in the Upper Monroe Avenue. 

One of the questions the students asked me is: “What will be done to insure bicycle safety if we starting getting more folks to ride their bicycles to work and school?” 

The answer is that by virtue of the rise in bicycle use itself; our streets will become safer for bicyclists.  The more bicycles on the streets, the more those in vehicles notice them and expect them to be a part of our Transportation in the Rochester region.  Here’s some read data on this issue: » More Cyclists = Safer Cycling in Minneapolis "Studies have long linked cycling safety to the number of cyclists on the street — the old safety-in-numbers maxim in action. The latest evidence validating this phenomenon comes from chilly Minneapolis. In the mid-1990s, collisions involving cyclists peaked at 334, according to city data reported by the League of American Bicyclists. Since then, bike commuting has skyrocketed 174 percent. Meanwhile, the number of collisions has declined 20 percent to 269. "

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