Thursday, February 10, 2011

Good to see our local media finally on the job:


This story about shipping nuclear material through our area from Lake Ontario and up the St. Lawrence has been raging in Canada for quite awhile.  Just check these newslinks: Energy newslinks

But not so much here in our region.  It seemed very peculiar that such a major environmental story was going silent and unheeded by our local press for so long.  It’s not so much that it is dangerous shipping large amounts of nuclear material past our front door and the possible combination that could result if there was an accident. 

That is probably true.  But what struck me was how invisible this issue was in our local press.  If something environmental is going on in Canada, near our borders, and the Great Lakes, and the St. Lawrence River, we in our region should at least know about it.  We’re all connected environmentally. 

If there is an accident and nuclear material gets into our waters, this connection will get in our face quickly.  We have a nuclear plant in our backyard, I hope our local news editors are taking a look over there once in awhile to make sure this dangerous form of energy is watched carefully and not given special treatment because so many Rochester-area people want it. 

Nuclear power may not emit much in the way of greenhouse gases, as compare to other energy options, but an accident at a nuclear plant is on another scale of magnitude than bit of ice flinging off a wind turbine blade.

WXXI: Nuclear Waste Shipment on Great Lakes Approved (2011-02-08) ROCHESTER, NY (WXXI) - A coalition of Great Lakes mayors is opposing an extraordinarily large shipment of nuclear waste across several of the lakes, including Lake Ontario. The shipment just won approval from the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission. Canadian company Bruce Power plans to ship16 school-bus sized, radioactive generators for recycling in Sweden this spring. David Ullrich is the Director of the Great Lakes and Saint Lawrence Cities Initiative. He says the organization of mayors is worried the ship could sink and contaminate the lakes and the St. Lawrence River.  (February 7, 2011) WXXI NewsRoom  [more on Energy

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