Friday, February 04, 2011

For those taking comfort from major snow storm disproving Climate Change: Don’t.


The predictions from past climate records and modeling’s is that the weather will get whacky.  What’s tragic is that those who don’t understand or refuse to understand Climate Change will see our recent winter events in specific areas like the United States and blind themselves to what is going on around the world and across the last couple of decades. 

The more you don’t know about Climate Change the more you are convinced that it’s a hoax. 

This means Climate Change doesn’t get addressed—even though it should be at the focus of all our environmental and economic concerns.  If your news media isn’t giving you an accurate picture of reality so you can plan coherently for it, change your media. 

With Climate Change, Expect More Monster Winter Storms - Yahoo! News No single weather event can be directly attributed to climate change. But as the globe warms up, Americans can expect more storms like the one bearing down on much of the United States, scientists say. That's not because the Feb. 1 storm can be linked to rising atmospheric carbon dioxide levels or increasing global temperature - again, such a connection is impossible to make - but, according to climatologists, an increased propensity for winter storms is exactly what you'd expect in a warming world. (February 1, 2011)  The top news headlines on current events from Yahoo! News

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