Friday, February 25, 2011

Don’t waste this oil crisis:


Instead of drawing on our strategic oil reserves to counteract the jump in oil prices due to event in the Middle East, we should be doing the right thing: ramping up the use of renewable energy.

Wind and Solar energy our ready to take off as major suppliers of energy in our country and all everyone wants to do is gobble up the oil we have to keep the price of oil down.  It’s an absurd reaction to a drastic environmental problem.  We have a crisis in peak oil and fossil fuels driving Climate Change

Our gasoline prices are artificially low and the oil industry gets billions of dollars of subsidies.  Yet, the first thing we do when the gasoline prices go up is demand that the prices stay down, use our emergency oil reserves,  and scream about how all those wind and solar power are getting all those subsidies—which, by the way have mostly dried up. 

Why not use this crisis in the Middle East and the direct consequences of it on our gasoline prices to get away from oil.  Why not consider what California is considering:

Jerry Brown's tough choice: green energy in hard economic times - Instability in the Middle East has put America’s dependence on foreign oil back on front pages. It’s also added another ball to California Gov. Jerry Brown’s juggling act over this state’s renewable energy sector in tough economic times. (February 24, 2011)

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