Friday, February 04, 2011

Are we letting our planet go?


If Climate Change just doesn’t grab you as a major concern (maybe it’s just getting boring) there are other environmental concerns nearing there tipping points

Because we have not lowered our populations and reduced our footprints on our environment overall, there are not one, but at least seven major environmental situations that don’t bode well for our environment.  All seven of these should be on your radar because they can end everything else you had planned for your future. 

Earth in the Balance: 7 Crucial Tipping Points  "Humans must stay within certain boundaries if they hope to avoid environmental catastrophe, a leading group of environmental scientists says. Crossing those limits may not rock the Earth itself, but would lead to harsh consequences for human existence on the planet as we know it. There are two kinds of boundaries, the researchers proposed in October 2009. "One represents a tipping point -- you cross that and irreversible, catastrophic bad stuff happens," said Jonathan Foley, an ecologist at the University of Minnesota. "The other would " LiveScience | Science, Technology, Health & Environmental News

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