Friday, January 21, 2011

Taking a step back on Climate Change


Why is it the greater the proof and peril of Climate Change, the more the United States retreats into fanaticism and ideology?  When Climate Change talks recently have failed, you’d think the US would relish the ability to do something about the greatest threat to humanity: manmade climate Change. 

But we have faction in our country whose belief system doesn’t allow for physics and a healthy environment.  Will they be held accountable for stalling effort to address Climate Change?  Probably not. 

When the worst and most immediate effects—drastic weather, sea level rise, and change of growing seasons—those stalling our efforts to address Climate Change will probably blame those who tried to address Climate Change of some silly charge—because admitting that they were wrong is not in their game plan.  It’s how they do. 

With health care 'repealed,' GOP turns to climate change | McClatchy WASHINGTON — Now that the House of Representatives has voted to repeal the health care law, Republicans say they're likely to move soon to another target — a rewrite of the Clean Air Act so that it can't be used to fight climate change. The Environmental Protection Agency in December said it would draw up performance standards that would help cut heat-trapping gases produced by refineries and coal-fired power plants. The EPA hasn't proposed the specifics yet, and existing plants wouldn't be affected until the later years of the decade, but opponents of regulation aren't waiting. (January 20, 2011)  McClatchy | Homepage

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