Monday, January 03, 2011

An interesting perspective on Invasive Species


What began as an invasive species in our region, the Zebra Mussels, is now very widespread.  It makes one wonder how we choose before they even arrive at our doorstep which invasive species to watch out for and how they will radiate through our environment. 

Some non-native species seem benign and just blend into our environment and I’m sure Climate Change will change our environment so that some non-native species will just do better in our region than native plants and animals that evolved in our region. 

But some non-native species are invasive species that will spread quickly and do colossal damage—meaning we have to recognize them from the beginning and battle them before they get here. 

With Climate Change factored in, I suspect it’s going to be hard and more important that we recognize invasive species like the Zebra Mussel and get to them before they become like this:  

Zebra mussels, scourge of the Great Lakes, invade Texas | McClatchy "LAKE TEXOMA — In a cove on this massive lake on the Texas-Oklahoma border, it doesn't take long to find zebra mussels. Just a few feet from shore, a large rock is covered with them. A quick scan of the shoreline turns up many more. " McClatchy

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